SAN ANGELO, Texas — The San Angelo Schools Foundation has awarded over $85,000 in grants to their Difference Maker educators and campuses as part of their Grants to Teachers Program this November.

“We can’t thank the San Angelo Schools Foundation and their Grants to teachers program enough. Those grants go a long way in benefitting all of our students and teachers across the District and right here at Lake View High School,” said Lake View High School principal Zach Ramirez. “Each grant fulfills small and large endeavors by teachers to support making creative and impactful ideas a reality for our students that potentially would have come out of their own pockets.”

The SASF was established in 1989 with the goal of supporting innovative opportunities for students of SAISD and has awarded $800,000 since. Every year, the foundation focuses on two major projects: Grants to Teachers and Scholarships to Students. In 2022, the foundation added a new project called the Bright Ideas Initiative as another avenue to support SAISD employees, which will open for applications in Spring 2023.

The Grants to Teachers program provides classroom grants and all-campus grants that go toward SAISD educators for enriching the education of SAISD students. The foundation has awarded grants to 140 SAISD educators and six All-Campus grants, affecting 23 campuses.

The Schools Foundation is currently planning its 6th annual spring fundraising event “Bid & Boogie” which will be on Saturday, April 29, 2023.