San Angelo Roller Rink nears possible end


San Angelo, Texas — The Angelo Skate and Fun Center could be saying goodbye this Sunday, but before that an employee reflects on the importance of the roller rink.

“It’s, it’s nonstop, like you walk in and you can feel it in the air. It’s almost electric,” Krischelle Rubner with Angelo Skate and Fun Center said.

Krischelle Rubner, a cashier at Angelo Skate and Fun Center, describes the roller rink as nothing short of exhilarating. The rink has been around for 16 years and throughout that time it has remained a place for anyone, at any age, to enjoy. With a possible goodbye nearing Krischelle Rubner says it doesn’t seem possible.

“Even when kids fall on the skate floor they’re laughing,” Rubner said. ‘So I’m really sad that they’re shutting down because where are kids going to go to have this much fun?’

After working at the Angelo Skate and Fun Center for around six months, Rubner says her fellow employees and the every day customers have a special place in her heart.

“I love it here, the hours are always super flexible and my managers have always been really good to me,” Rubner said. ‘It’s a great atmosphere, just everybody that comes in is always nice.’

For most, roller rinks are a symbol of nostalgia or as Rubner calls it “the good ole’ days.” Roller rinks symbolize something more for Rubner and have even brought her new opportunities.

“I have always skated and my parents skated so they brought me up skating too,” Rubner said. ‘I recently joined roller derby, because of the people that I’ve met at the rink.’

At the end of the day, whether June 27th marks the bittersweet end or not, the energy of the rink will live on.

“Everybody that comes in is always just super nice, and you can tell they’re here to have fun,” Rubner said.

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