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SAN ANGELO, Texas — Over the past school year and into the new one for teachers have been called the unsung heroes, giving so much to their students, and Wednesday they were the ones receiving. 

“Especially after the last year and a half that we’ve had just to know that there are people out there that are supporting us,” Pam Girard a Special Education teacher at Fairview Accelerated Campus said. 

A community celebration put on by ‘Celebrating all Persevering Students’ and other partners raised enough funds to do something special for educators. 

 “Just as our students have been persevering our teachers have been persevering as well.” CJ Luckey with ‘Celebrating all Persevering Students’ said. 

All teachers needed to do was fill out a Google form on the celebrating all persevering Students website.

“So, I did that, and the website asked ‘What are the five things that you need the most for your classroom?’ and the first thing that came to mind was I need five Chromebooks,” Girard said. 

Special Education teacher Pam Girard and 12 other educators across the Concho Valley asked and organizations answered their requests. 

“To be able to invest back in education because we want to, this is an opportunity for us to be able to love on with the people that love on our children and so we’re super excited to take advantage of it,” Luckey said. Celebrating all Persevering Students’ or CAPS partnered with a handful of businesses to make this happen, one of those being CalTech. CalTech has initiatives to push its employees into their community. 

“A lot of our employees are out here in this school district so it’s so great to you know bring those Chromebooks and know that they’re going to be put to good use,” Lance Labedelle with CalTech said. 

Putting them to good use is a sure thing for Mrs. Girard

“Half the kids in the class have Chromebooks, half of them don’t,” Girard explained.  ‘So, the ones with the Chromebooks get done fast and the other ones have to wait in line to use the desktop computers here in the classroom.’

Having these Chromebooks now make her in-person classroom more efficient, and if a student must quarantine, they now have a fighting chance.

“Half of my kids don’t know how to use them so this way they’re going to be comfortable with them, they’re going to be set up for them they’re going to know how to use them, it’s going to be wonderful,” Girard said. 

If not having enough supplies wasn’t already an issue, this past year-and-a-half put weight on educators like Mrs. Girard.

“Well, I’ve worked harder the last year-and-a-half and I’ve been I’ve worked in the 28 years previous to that,” Girard said. ‘So it’s been a lot of work.’

To lift some of that burden CJ Luckey says he has a challenge for people in San Angelo. 

“I want people to see if educators have needs that need to be met, many of our educators in the Concho Valley have Amazon lists, and many of their Amazon lists have not been fulfilled,” Luckey said. 

List of businesses and/or organizations that partnered with ‘Celebrating all Persevering Students’


Sunset Eye Care

Crockett National Bank

Texas Bank

Southsize KutzPaul Ann Church

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