SAN ANGELO, Texas — San Angelo ISD held a board meeting Monday night at 5:45 p.m. and many of the agenda items dealt with Coronavirus and how to fight it.

“We want them to find ways to implement strategically a mask mandate,” Jessie Ramón asked of the SAISD School Board.

Max Parker bringing up recent lawsuits against other school districts in Texas, but still attendees with a tie to the SAISD pleading for the board to find a way.

“Schools are supposed to be a safe place and its currently the most dangerous place my daughter has been,” a Father of a student said.

Some even pointing at the board to lead by example when it comes to mask wearing.

“The example here, as this gentleman said, you guys will probably not take into consideration because you don’t where them yourselves, but these are our babies out there,” a Grandmother of a SAISD student said.

Board members emphasizing their hands are tied when it comes to a blanket mask mandate… But super intendent Dr. Carl Dethloff saying it is time to do something and it’s time to do something quickly. Introducing another item on the board’s agenda, portable air purification systems, or more specifically IVP, which kills COVID-19 in a single pass.

A motion passed unanimously to buy 32 to 35 units for each of SAISD’S 24 campuses. A big order paid through Cooperative Purchasing Agreements, and a move that eased the minds of some parents

“I was comforted by the new technology that was discussed tonight,” a Mother of an SAISD student said.

Throughout the meeting the board describing their efforts to establish mitigation efforts to fight COVID-19.

“We believe that we have taken a methodical and logical approach as a school system,” Superintendent Dr. Carl Dethloff explained.

Attendees agreeing or asking for more from the school board.

“Take the empathetic approach and just try to depoliticize this whole thing,” Ramón said.