San Angelo honored among top “true western towns”


San Angelo has been awarded the number two spot on True West Magazine’s 2019 Top Western Towns. True West Magazine has compiled the list of top western towns for the past 14 years, and San Angelo received the honor for preserving local history, even while continuing to grow and change.

Speaking about the news, San Angelo mayor Brenda Gunter said, “we had to apply for that so there was a lot of background information that we had to put together an order today at knowledge is even a city that might be considered but it’s important to understand the competition here because when you think about the fact that we were in competition with Tombstone in Arizona, Dodge City in Kansas. Cities which have a very long history and heritage as it relates to western towns. The fact that we’ve never applied before – I’m sorry we haven’t but you know what, it doesn’t matter; we have and we were accepted as an important city and that’s fabulous.”

From the lakes to the parks, the fort and the museums, San Angelo is well suited for a spot on travel itineraries. Tombstone, AZ took the top spot. True West magazine led the way in presenting the true stories of old west history, culture and preservation for over 60 years..

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