SAN ANGELO, Texas – Two weeks after the May elections, San Angelo City Council swore in the re-elected mayor and City Council members for districts two and four. Mayor Brenda Gunter was re-elected for a second term, and council members Tom Thompson and Lucy Gonzales will each serve for another term. Larry Miller, the new City Council member for single member district six, was also sworn in. Miller replaces outgoing council member Billie DeWitt.

Larry Miller, seated on the San Angelo City Council. © 2021, Nexstar Broadcasting

Miller says he believes San Angelo officials, DeWitt included, have worked hard on the infrastructure challenges facing the city. “I think the current City Council is facing a serious problem that the roads and the infrastructure was ignored for so long,” said Miller. “I know they’re fighting hard to correct the situation. It’s been out there for probably 20 or 30 years and has been ignored. That is a tough job and I think that with the recent results that they’ve had they did a very good job in the face of a very very big, awesome problem.”

Miller also said he hopes to be a key part of keeping San Angelo ahead of upcoming growth, citing the rail port and ports-to-plains interstate projects as prime examples. Outgoing council member Billie DeWitt was presented with a plaque, and appeared near tears as farewells were exchanged. Mayor Gunter and several other council members spoke highly of the accomplishments and work ethic displayed by DeWitt during her time with the city. After a reception following the special agenda swearing-in ceremony, the new City Council sat down for the regular agenda meeting.