San Angelo city council approves city engineers move ahead with Chadbourne project


San Angelo city council has approved city engineers to push ahead on a multi-purpose project with the Centurion planning and design firm. The project is for functional improvment and beautification of Chadbourne Street.

Amid public comment that this project is soley for beautification, Assistant City Engineer Andy Vecellio reminds residents that many local projects need to be multi-purpose due to available resources. For this project, that included street integrity improvements, and accessiblity for the disabled.

“The beautification components [are] part of what we’ll call the pedestrian elements,” said Vecellio. “Becase the reason is, that’s why we got the grant. What we’re trying to do is [give] the downtown area a concrete street, so it is definitely a street improvement project, with the components of utilities, with the components of the A.D.A compliant ramp […]. So it’s a multi-faceted project so to say that it is a beautification project only is not an accurate statement.”

With an estimated final price tag of $10 million, the project also inlcudes bike lanes and traffic signal upgrades. Additionaly the city is working to ensure their new landscaping is appropriate for the region. Expected completion of the project is forecast for mid to late 2022. For more information or to speak with city officials, visit the city website.

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