San Angelo Chamber of Commerce creates hub of information for business owners


“Since the first week of March we noticed that we had some pretty obvious challenges that were mounting,” Michael Looney, Vice President of Economic Development for the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce said.

Looney says there’s a team of around half a dozen agencies and organizations working to help businesses in San Angelo.

“We were very fortunate that we had this team come together because we were able to respond pretty nimbly, pretty quickly to a two-pronged hit,” Looney said.

That two-pronged hit included the COVID-19 pandemic and the drastic drop of oil prices. On their website, there is a tab dedicated to everything businesses and citizens need to know when it comes to recovering from this hit to our economy.

Looney says it makes no difference if you’re a member of the Chamber or not, you can still get help.

His best advice for small businesses right now is this:

“The Paycheck Protection Program is really probably the front-line defense for small businesses, and it’s been a very successful program, a very important recovery program and stabilization program and that is being administered through local lenders. And the belief was that local lenders have the teams, the expertise, the apparatus and most importantly the relationships with the businesses throughout the Concho Valley,” Looney said.

The Chamber of Commerce staff is still working and still available by phone or email.

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