SAN ANGELO, Texas- The San Angelo Broadway Academy is bringing the musical comedy ‘Hairspray’ to the Murphey Performance Hall.

“We’re so excited we actually brought this musical to San Angelo 10 years ago at the coliseum when the Murphey was closed for renovations. It’s really cool to see it come together 10 years later. We’re in a different venue, a real theatre, and it’s just so magical and so fun,” said Angela Brooks, Executive Director of San Angelo Broadway Academy.

The youth theatre is building local characters one stage at time with 65 young actors and actresses from the Concho Valley.

“All the students in this production are 12 to 18. It’s neat to see it all come together with just local kids. We’ve got kids from San Angelo and our outer county schools that come in for rehearsals twice a week,” said Brooks. “A lot of people come to SABA shows, sit back and they’re like oh I’m coming to watch a kids production but when they watch it, its really hard to imagine that those are kids up there on that stage doing their thing, so its pretty awesome,” added Brooks.

They’ve been working since February on this production to present a show that is filled with high-energy songs and dances that bring a message of inclusivity to the stage.

“For our kids its about inclusiveness. It’s about talking about the civil rights and the 60’s. It involves everyone and what’s really neat to watch is those kids take that to the stage as one big family. It doesn’t matter where they come from, what school they go to, who their friends are. When they come together and gather to do this show together they’re all inclusive with each other and so that’s an amazing message that they are putting across to the audience,” said Brooks.

There will be show times through out the weekend. You can find tickets at or you can purchase them right at the box office!