San Angelo author, Laura Wall, to hold book signing at Brix Winery Friday, January 22


SAN ANGELO, Texas – Laura Wall, a San Angelo woman, is co-authored a book with six other female entrepreneurs. The book is called Finding Our Wings. She will be holding a book signing on Friday, January 22, 2020.

“This book, even though it’s just recently been published in September, it has taken about two years to come to life. So for me personally, I started writing my chapter two years ago, and I just kind of set it on the shelf. Don’t we all do that? Like, we have this big dream and we think we want to do something but we don’t have the next step. So I set it aside and got approached by a friend and she and I joined a group and we started to work to bring it to life….but it didn’t quite happen. There was more waiting and someone else who stepped in and said they wanted to help and a group of us came together, seven of us, and we had an incredible mentor who helped us bring the book together,” Wall said.

The font, cover art, and each element has meaning to the authors according to Wall. A Phoenix being one of those elements with the most symbolism.

“So if you’re not familiar with what a phoenix is, it’s a mythological bird, and in mythology it’s a bird that can’t be killed. So it’s been shot through the breastplate before but its heart can never be pierced. However, it has an amazing quality about it. Whenever it’s had its lifespan, and is ready to regenerate, it sets itself on fire. It burns itself down and recreates itself which is what we thought was a beautiful picture of what happened to each of the women in the book and their story,” Wall said.

There is also another mission behind this passion project for the seven women.

“We all came together and decided that since we had all been through so much together that we weren’t really concerned with profiting from the book. But instead, we wanted to take the profits from the book and pay it forward. So all of the proceeds from the book go to nonprofit organizations including, and organization called The Refuge in Austin, another one called King’s Ransom. Both of those are dedicated to getting women and children out of sex trafficking and helping them recover.  The third organization we donate the profits to is Hearts of Healing Center, which is the one that I helped cofound. And our organization helps those who are going through spiritual mental, emotional challenges, and they need that counseling and they need someone to help them in that transformation just like the Phoenix has gone through,” Wall said.

Event details:

DATE: Friday, January 22, 2021

TIME: 5:00pm – 7:00pm

LOCATION: Brix Winery (and Old Firehouse Pub & Pizzeria) 200 S. Magdalen St. San Angelo, TX 76903

HOSTED BY: Texas Business Women of San Angelo

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