SAN ANGELO- With the devastating Texas freeze behind us and longer days in the sun, people are eager to get out and work on their yards, but experts say not too fast, you will need to “Learn to like ugly.”

“Wait a little bit longer, a few more weeks to see what starts to green back up,” says Allison Watkins, the Tom Green County Horticulture Extension Agent.

Watkins advises those to not only remain patient but if your plants are not obviously dead, she suggests to prepare them for the warmer months when they should be able to bloom again.

“The biggest point of advice we have is for now to just wait. There are some things that are obvious like any soft, mushy plant material clean that up annuals and just any, you know, agaves and the yuccas and things that are just total mush clean those up,” Watkins says.

Garrett Mikulik, a landscape specialist and manager at Scherz Landscape Company, had the same type of advice to be patient. But also had some tips on what you can do before working on your plants.

“Give a little bit of time, a little bit of heat and see where it comes out. All we can really do right now is water. Get ready to fertilize in a couple of weeks, and really try to help them push what is still alive, to grow and then we’ll know where to trim them back in. And then we’ll know what’s dead and what’s alive, probably at that point, maybe a little longer for certain perennials,” says Mikulik.

Once you follow Garrett’s advice remember this guidance from Watkins, “Don’t feel like you are you know, the bad looking yard on the block because this is the same everywhere. Everyone across Texas has brown plants, and so we just all have to be patient together, and clean up when we can start to see where it’s greening up. Clean off what’s not, and that’ll immediately have a good impact just cleaning up.”