San Angelo and Ewe: Meet Clover


San Angelo, Texas— This week on our “San Angelo and Ewe” — the focus is on “Clover”.  The fiberglass ewe named Clover at Shannon Medical Center helps illustrate the Shannon Legacy.

Shannon Medical Center’s Lyndy Stone says “We were very proud to bring a sheep here to our Shannon campus to help represent that and part of the legacy of the sheep and Shannon history.

Clover arrived in downtown San Angelo at Shannon Medical Center 11 years ago.  Stone says “But it made such wonderful sense to have a sheep here at Shannon because Mr. and Mrs. Shannon — John and Margaret started the legacy here in the Concho Valley through ranching and especially in the sheep and wool and mohair industry.

San Angelo artist Andres Gonzalez painted Clover…Gonzalez is now a school art teacher and once worked at Shannon.  For years he worked at Shannon clinic in registration while also doing art — and now he’s an art teacher at Lincoln Middle School.

The design incudes lots of shamrocks like the Shannon logo.  Stone says “We’re very proud of the Shannon sheep and it’s part of the sheep that you see all over towns as part of our Shannon brand.  You can see lots of shamrocks on the sheep….little wisps of wool that are kind of subtle…so you really have to come up and take a good look at it closely to see all the little intricate pieces of the sheep and it’s design…it’s just a really fun thing to come out and see…and for visitors to take a look at as they’re visiting people in the hospital….children love to climb up on it and sit on it and take their pictures…..and it was a perfect match for Shannon especially because of the legacy of John and Margaret Shannon who founded Shannon.  Their history in the Concho Valley started with ranching so they have great ties to the sheep industry and the wool and mohair industry…so we thought it was especially important to bring a sheep here on the Shannon campus to help continue their legacy as well.”

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