San Angelo 8-year-old has sights set on gold


Seth Saldivar qualified to be a part of the Olympics for the Amateur Athletic Union in Shot Put. Seth competed in San Antonio against 19 other junior Olympic qualifier hopefuls from across the region. His winning throw was a whopping 25 feet and 3.25 inches.

while Seth is only eight years old he is already got his sights set on becoming the next Ryan Crouser and it all started when he found a rubber ball.

“We were at my uncle’s house and I found this rubber ball and my dad told me to throw it like a shotput but I didn’t know how to do that so he taught me so now we started doing it because I thought it was really fun”

Seth’s interest in shot put doesn’t come as a surprise though. The sport is a family affair

“I did it in high school,” said Rudy Saldivar Seths dad, “and my brother he was real good at it when he was in high school too.”

Now that his son is throwing for the gold. Dad has a new title… coach.

“He was always a bigger kid so in my head I’ve always thought since he was smaller that was going to be his sport you know shot put and discus,” he goes on to say, “we found that ball and it was a little heavy and I said throw that like a shot and he picked it up real quick and I was like okay I think we got something here”

His dad was right. After just a few short months of picking up the sport, Seth was competing in meets that would eventually qualify him for the Junior Olympics.

“I’m really excited to go we have a month to work on stuff and I’m just ready to meet my competition,” says Seth.

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