SAN ANGELO, Texas — In a recent press release SAISD said in order to improve educational environments for students and reduce maintenance costs it was recommended that SAISD combine some elementary campuses.

SAISD and the Board of Trustees collaborated with a west Texas architecture firm to complete a facility study of San Angelo elementary campuses over the last six months. From this study, the firm provided SAISD with recommendations and data around the physical condition of aging SAISD facilities, spatial adequacy of student capacity, and the resulting impact of those issues on the district’s budget.

The data found was used to create a potential “Sustainability Plan” designed with the future of the District and annual operating costs and construction needs in mind. During a September Regular Board meeting, Trustees received a recommendation from the architecture firm to combine elementary campuses, moving from 17 elementary campuses to 14.

Overview of Recommended Options for Sustainability CC SAISD

“This change has the potential to improve educational environments for students, ” said SAISD, “while reducing annual maintenance and operational costs and providing students and teachers
access to improved educational resources.”

During the October Pre-Agenda Board meeting, Trustees viewed options presented by the architecture firm for potential near and longer-term changes with consideration of the facility study but took no action.

Additional information, including costs to implement phases of elementary campus changes as part of the potential “Sustainability Plan”, will be presented at future Board meetings.

SAISD wants to hear from students, parents and the greater community going forward and will provide several opportunities for community members to provide input on the topic.

“We understand this is a topic that some members of our community care deeply about, so this plan is an intentional, thorough process to allow us to hear from the varied perspectives and unique voices in our community, ” said SAISD.

For more in-depth information on the Preliminary Sustainability Plan go here.