Saint Paul Presbyterian helps in the fight against food insecurity


SAN ANGELO, Texas- September is hunger action month and Saint Paul Presbyterian is holding monthly food drives to combat food insecurity in the Concho Valley.

Drive in-style food distribution, that’s how Saint Paul is serving the community this hunger action month. A volunteer based crew builds boxes filled with items such as dry goods, frozen meat, and toiletries.

“We know our clients that come through, 80 percent of them every single month are repeats and so we serve them over and over again, we get to know what’s going on with them, they get to know us, they feel like they can reach out to us,” says Pastor of Saint Paul, Tim Davenport-Herbst.

Saint Paul started distributing food at the beginning of the pandemic last year but continued after realizing the degree of need in the community.

Volunteer Gretchen Smith shared how the pandemic helped her find purpose in a trying time.

“When the world shut down last year and I was told to go sit in my house. I was said, no I have to get up and do something. I’ve got to make this better and since I cant solve the medical end of the problem this is the end of the problem I can help solve for our community. I can feed the people and I can show up and lift boxes,” says Smith.

Depending on the month they serve two to five hundred families every second Saturday of the month from nine to eleven am. The next drive will be held on October 9th.

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