WATCH: Raw footage of the ‘mom scramble’ at the 2021 San Angelo Rodeo


SAN ANGELO, Texas – The 2021 San Angelo Rodeo began on Friday, April 9th.

At the evening performance on Saturday, April 10th, Rodeo Clown Justin Rumford introduced a new game called the “mom scramble.” (A different take on a crowd favorite, the HEB Calf Scramble.)

The moms were told to take off one shoe, pile them up, run to the fence at one the end of the arena, run back to the pile of shoes, find their shoe, put their shoe on, and tag Bullfighter Jimmy Lee’s hand.

The winner was “Bailey from San Angelo.” She got a cash prize from Rumford.

Message from Senora Scott who shot the footage: “My apologies for the shaky video everyone! I was laughing!”

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