Thousands of visitors bring more business, traffic to San Angelo during rodeo season


Thousands of people attend the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Work continued Tuesday inside the Foster Communications Coliseum on the lighting and sound systems for this year’s rodeo performances, which begin Thursday. Every year the San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo attracts tens of thousands of competitors and visitors.

“Lots and lots of people come into town for these events. Not just competitors, but people who come in to watch,” said Sgt. Cade Solsbery, Traffic Unit Supervisor for the San Angelo Police Department.

Tens of thousands of people attend the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo. The event attracts folks from all over the Concho Valley and the country.

“We have local regulars. During rodeo we don’t see any of those. We see what we call ‘regular rodeo/stock show people,'” said Yolanda Franco, Owner & Manager of Western Sky Steakhouse.

An increase in visitors to the city means an increase in local business.

“Rodeo is wonderful for us. We’re on a main street heading to the grounds so it’s a boost to our business,” said Bridget Scott, General Manager for Palmer Feed & Supply.

Hotels across town are packed with reservations.

“This first weekend we are pretty much sold out completely. Next weekend is good. The final weekend we have a few rooms left but we know those will go quickly,” said Shelley Jenkins, General Manager of the Pearl on the Concho Historic Hotel.

Businesses have to stock up on their most on-demand items.

“We sell about 5,000 lbs. of meat a week. During rodeo, we sell 10,000 lbs. if not more,” added Yolanda Franco.

During this busy time of year, staff is often added to keep operations running smoothly.

“We sometimes have to bring extra staff and extra supplies,” continued Shelley Jenkins.

“Sometimes our former employees come back and help us. We add extra staff, extra kitchen help,” explained Yolanda Franco.

“We do have a lot of extra officers out there to control everything happening along the coliseum,” added Sgt. Cade Solsbery.

While the 3 weeks the rodeo is in town can be hectic for business owners, they are happy to serve locals and visitors during an exciting time of year.

“I think it’s the hometown feel, what the community offers to those people coming in. We welcome them with open arms and are always happy to have them. We do what we can to support them,” continued Bridget Scott.

The individuals talked to Amanda Lozano in-depth about how the rodeo impacts their businesses. Watch the full interviews below:

Sgt. Cade Solsbery with the San Angelo Police Department

Bridget Scott with Palmer Feed & Supply

Yolanda Franco with Western Sky Steakhouse

Shelley Jenkins with the Pearl on the Concho Historic Hotel

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