San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo wrap up


SAN ANGELO, Texas – San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo concluded on April 24th and it lived up to expectations as being the biggest event of the year for San Angelo.

Visitors that came from all over the country ate at local restaurants and stayed at hotels in town. This is just one way the San Angelo rodeo positively impacts the community, it also gives away scholarships directly from money raised from the 2-week event.

Justin Jonas, Executive Director of the San Angelo Stop Show and Rodeo Association, says,
“The rodeo in the midway at the end of the year, whatever money we have left over goes to our foundation, it goes into our foundation then we have a separate board on our foundation that manages that money. And then on the proceeds and the, I guess you would say the interest raised off of that every year.”

He continues, “We use that to give our scholarships away, and we just awarded 20 scholarships 19 of them will be $8,000 scholarships and one of them will be a $16,000 scholarship.”

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