San Angelo Rodeo Ambassadors


SAN ANGELO, Texas – One group of young women annually sets the stage for the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo. The Ambassador’s program was founded to encourage young women to become involved and promote the western way of life.

Captain Susannah Mann explains how it started: “the program itself started 30 years ago and Dr. Hodges started it. Originally, it was just girls posting colors and running sponsor flags, stuff like that. It’s definitely developed into something more challenging than it was initially intended to be.”

The San Angelo Rodeo Ambassadors perform at the Xtreme Bulls event. PHOTO BY KEN GRIMM

Mann, a senior in college, has just completed her final rodeo as she’s graduating high school and moving onto college — something the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo Association has supported her in. The Association gives out scholarships to those involved in the stock show and rodeos and Susannah Mann is one of the ones that received a scholarship.

But scholarships aren’t the only way this program impacts the girls on the team! There’s more on the Ambassadors Program and how you can try out in the video above.

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