Rodeo Hospitality


SAN ANGELO, Texas – Rodeo hospitality has been an energy source for the performers for 25 years but has transformed from the small production it started as.

Joann Carr with Rodeo Hospitality says, “Now we cooked everything beforehand and brought it in – we did have an oven- in the middle of a dirt floor. That’s all we had was a dirt floor and we had an oven and could warm up our casseroles and things like that. And that’s how it started.”

Corey Owens, a member of the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo Board of Directors, comments on the importance of the volunteers in hospitality, “Contestants are coming from several 100 miles away, potentially, and they have nowhere that they’re gonna that they’re going to be able to go and eat. And so it’s, it’s critical that we provide them that little bit of hospitality that they come here, they get a hot meal, either before their performance after their performance and just one another way that we can help accommodate those contestants make them feel at home.”

More information on the Hospitality at the Rodeo in the video above.

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