Behind The Scenes: Don’t underestimate the athleticism of cowboys


SAN ANGELO, Texas — It doesn’t take just passion and family tradition to compete in a rodeo — it takes a lot of athleticism behind the scenes just like any other sport.

Professional Bull Rider Dillon Tyner, sees bull riding as his way of life. Tyner acknowledges the fact that people do see it as a dangerous sport but despite that, he and other cowboys have similar perspectives in their approach to thinking about it.

“We’ve been doing it forever you know… everyone thinks it’s [dangerous] — we don’t think of it as crazy and dangerous as everyone does.”

Professional Saddle Bronc Rider Zeke Thurston weighed in on the risk but he like Tyson also has a ‘were used to it’ mentality.

He talked about the animals in particular saying, “They have a mind of their own so things can happen.” He also added that at the professional level “the horses have been bucked enough that they all kind of have a pattern where you know what they are going to do.”

Nevertheless, Thurston keeps the possibility of getting hurt in the back of his mind.

“At the end of the day you know, you can get hurt. You never want to see that for somebody or for yourself, but it can happen.”

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