Robert Lee city secretary fired


During the the recent Robet Lee City Council meeting the city secretary, Cyrstal Blevins, was terminated after refusing to submit her resignation. Members of the public who attended the meeting were visibly dipleased, some stating they felt her termination came in response to the secretary revealing several misappropriations of city funds by Mayor Crenshaw.

Crenshaw was in fact arrested on related theft charges just last month and may face additional legal consequences.

In response the the termination of Blevins, a city billing clerk who did not wish to be named immediatly resigned in protest. Shortly after that, stating that his legal advice feels routinely ignored, the Robert Lee city attourney Jeff Betty offered his resignation. His resignation was not accepted and he remained to take meeting minutes in the absense of a city secretary.

It is unclear at this time whether Blevins will take legal action in reponse to her firing.

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