WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – If you haven’t been paying close attention it’s not uncommon for restaurants nowadays to add extra fees at the bottom of your receipt, to account for inflation costs.

But for Tom’s Burgers, they will not be adding any hidden fees and they will be transparent with their customers.

Tom’s Burgers like many other restaurants have been seeing the effects of inflation. David Corbitt says he has been closely looking at the prices when purchasing products.

“You never know what you’re going to get and what you’re not going to give. You have to switch products around to find something that’ll work and when you do find something, it costs a whole lot more than what you were using,” says David Corbitt, owner of Tom’s Burgers.

The cost of meat, produce, and supplies have gone up.

“A case of ten boxes is about a thousand gloves. Together cost about $29 and it went to $110 and now it’s back down to maybe 65,” says Corbitt.

Because of the price increases, prices of the menu items have also been raised.

“I’ve been fairly slow in doing that. I’ve needed to do it faster, but I haven’t. I have raised some. Some of our combo deals I’ve raised because that includes certain products,” says Corbitt.

According to the Wall Street Journal, several restaurants have included several hidden fees to your check.
Fees such as kitchen appreciation to supply chain surcharge and even a fuel surcharge. Corbitt says he would rather raise the prices on the menu than add those fees.

“I can’t imagine a thing that I would want to add on that. If I did, I would certainly tell the customers plenty ahead of time that it was going to happen,” says Corbitt.

Corbitt even says at Tom’s Burger you pay for what you order.

“We don’t do tips. There’s no tip line on our credit card receipt at all,” says Corbitt.