Relay for Life


Since September 2004 Lake View head track and cross country coach Nat Sawyer, has been running against his toughest challenger yet, Melanoma. “I know theres a start and end when Im out coaching a track meet. Its going to start and end, I know the Cross Country meet its going to start and end, this is started and hopefully in 5 years it will be over,” Sawyer says. Coach Sawyer says that this disease caught up to him so fast. “It really had been like a 4 day process of feeling good, 1 day feeling bad and from there. Actually, the Thursday, I had the surgery I had swum that morning and then I wasnt going to school that day. And I felt good for off and on and wanted to see if there was anything wrong. ” And there was something wrong, Sawyer was diagnosed with cancer. 5 weeks after surgery, Coach Sawyer went to MD Anderson Cancer Center for treatment, and spent 4 months away from the classroom recovering from cancer. This weekend’s Relay for Life holds a special meaning for Sawyer, an event that he believes will be one way to raise funds to help support the treatments of cancer victims just like him. “Im living proof that you know I was on trial states, if it hadnt come thru and the Good Lord blest me. And the first one I was on didn’t come thru and it collapsed so these are trial studies for people are theyre not going to make it without.” Coach Sawyer has had the support of many fans to get him through this race, and he hopes to continue competing all the way to the finish line. “This is going to be daily for the rest of my life. My race is through the kids now and through my own children and many through my athletics and now its everyday and you have to fight that battle everyday.”Sawyer’s next visit to MD Anderson Cancer Center will be in September 2007.

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