The Concho Valley Regional Food Bank is looking for a little help from one of its partners just a few hours down the road. The organization is in short supply of USDA meat and has gotten relief from the San Antonio food bank.

Director of Development and Communications for the food bank Sarah Eckel says “We also know that our partner agencies are seeing an influx because we’re getting that from them as well. They’re increasing the orders, they’re asking for additional product.”

The Regional Food Bank provides families with food across 13 counties. They receive donations of food from Sam’s Club, Walmart, HEB, and Market Street. Due to higher numbers of people applying for SNAP benefits (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), the food bank was met with the challenge of not having enough.

In seeing the demand for food rise, Eckel says the San Antonio food bank was able to supply that USDA meat need. They are able to get most non-perishables and other food types from their supermarket partners and are says that they are able to stay on top of demand and will continue to provide for our neighbors. “Resources are tight and we know that but we always work very hard” Eckel says.

Eckel also notes that they are winding down on their daily summer food program but are winding up for the backpack program- where kids that rely on school lunches, can get a sack of food to get them through the weekend when they may not have enough to eat.