Redistricting changes explained at San Angelo City Council


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SAN ANGELO, Texas — Redistricting is a requirement every 10 years for city if there’s been a significant population shift, for San Angelo that is the case. There were four district line changes that have been made and city leaders describe them as minimal.

The City of San Angelo consulted with Allison, Bass & McGee LLC for the changes made. Many of the districts saw changes, especially so for Single-Member District 1.

“It shifts more out of district one to allow for the anticipated growth so that over the next 10 years, as the city grows, it won’t get too out of whack,” Jon James, the City of San Angelo’s Planning and Development Services Director, said.

Population takeaways from District 1 were moved into many of the other 5 districts, a big addition needed for District 3, one of the four changes also moves population from District 1 to District 6 and the third change takes away from District 6 and moves into District 5 and District 2.

(The video above shows Jon James explaining the redistricting changes.)

James explains the final change as in the video as:

“The final change is three blocks here that are moving from four to five,” James said.

While the changes may be confusing, James says those were the only ways to shift the population needed for districts. The company they consulted with divided the total population by each of the districts to find the number that would keep them relatively equal.

“We know the growth of the city has been aggressive in District 1,” San Angelo Mayor Brenda Gunter said.  

These changes have not been voted on by city council, but they’re scheduled to vote on December 7th.

Citizens and council members decided there needed to be another meeting for people in the city to learn more about these changes and voice their opinions.

“I think there needs to be a separate meeting. of folks within a community to come up and see what is being done,” Larry Miller, Council Member District 6, said.

San Angelo residents agreed with Larry Miller’s request.

“Absolutely urge you to to host another session, but to ensure that it’s after normal hours. Sherley Spears, President of San Angelo NAACP, said.

City Manager Daniel Valenzuela says he will figure out a date for the public hearing to be held.

“I’ll visit with Jon and Julia to make sure we can kind of get some schedule there,” Valenzuela said.



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