SAN ANGELO, Texas — The McNease Convention Center hosted the 10th Annual Red White and You event earlier today with 53 companies looking to hire.

The event was open to anyone seeking employment but was geared toward our US military veterans. The Texas Workforce Commission, the Disabled American Veterans, and many others partnered together to hold the event and with sponsors, were able to make this their highest-attended event.

Veteran Resources coordinator Luis Martinez says, “You’ve been doing something for 15-20 years or even 40 years…you have a schedule. So now you’re in the unknown, and that’s scary to a lot of veterans.”

Martinez says a lot of veterans leave the service and have questions such as: “How am I gonna do life insurance? How am I gonna get paid? How am I gonna take care of my kids, dental, medical, anything like that, right? So having organizations here helps to the transition.”

To ease that transition, Martinez sees a lot of veterans turn toward related fields like law enforcement. However, some look to write new chapters in their careers.

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