(KSAN/KLST)– The CDC has changed their quarantine guidelines from ten to fourteen days of isolation, now down to five.

Dr. Jim Vretis with Shannon Medical Center said he believes the change is the CDC’s response to the health care worker shortage.

“I know around here locally and around the state and the country, there are just so many health care workers that are out that we needed to do something for us to stay open,” Dr. Vretis said.

He said right now, healthcare workers are returning to work even after testing positive.

“So we have people at the hospital and at the clinic that have tested positive for covid but they are asymptomatic and so they are wearing an N95 mask and they are able to see patients,” Dr. Vretis said.

He said from a public standpoint, this change makes sense.

“We need to be able to keep the country open,” Dr. Vretis said. “Part of public health isn’t just your physical health… do you have disease or not, but your financial health, can you afford to pay your bills? Social health, are you going crazy because you are stuck inside?”

Unfortunately, in the long run, the country will more than likely see more cases because of the changes.

“It doesn’t make any sense at all, but these are the federal guidelines and this is what everybody follows,” Dr. Vretis said.

Meanwhile, students at Angelo State University are doing what thye can to stear clear from the virus, including getting their booster shot.

“I think it’s important because we need to protect ourselves and our fellow peers,” Lorena Zuniga, a student, said.

Ethan Puentes, a freshman a ASU, said he does not agree with the CDC and their changes.

“I would rather have the 14 days than the five days because that’s way safer, because we all just want to get it over with and we are already in with this pandemic,” Puentes said.

Dr. Vretis also said he believes cases will continue to rise in the next two weeks before we begin to see a decrease.