Charlie Dina traded in part of his childhood for chemotherapy, a cocktail of drugs that saved his life. Charlie’s scans now reveal no evidence of disease.

Even so, he lives with late-effects of treatment. Charlie’s mom is San Angelo native, Angela Faught Dina. She and her husband Mike founded Turn it Gold to elevate awareness about childhood cancer and survivorship.

Realistically Ever After profiles their efforts as they partner with schools, athletic teams, and community members to communicate the hard facts of childhood cancer and increase funding for research. The film illustrates how brave individuals inspire others and bold action creates change.

Produced and Directed by Lynn M. Harter, Stephanie M. Pangborn, and Evan Shaw; Associate Producers Jill Yamasaki, Mark Brewer, and Tom Hodson; Assistant Producers Alex Lippert and Shariq Sherwani

In association with the WOUB Public Media Center and the Barbara Geralds Institute for Storytelling and Social Impact

For more information about the Turn It Gold Movement click here.

In February 2017 News Connection Reporter Daija Barrett’s published a series of stories about children and families in the Concho Valley battling Childhood Cancer:

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