Public transportation in San Angelo continues to make adjustments amid the COVID-19 pandemic


The transit district will continue to push safety precautions as much as possible

SAN ANGELO, TX – The COVID-19 pandemic has affected San Angelo in several different ways, including public transportation and other similar projects.

“It’s not only affected public transit and public transportation in general, but it’s also affected things like projects, construction of highways and city streets and so forth.” San Angelo Metropolitan Planning Organization director Major Hofheins said.

For the past few months, many passengers feared to use public transit in the area. This caused employees to form new safety plans.

“The ridership dropped tremendously,” Hofheins said. “And of course that affects their bottom line because they’re funded by the number of passengers that they carry and how many stops they make. Just because nobody rides, that doesn’t stop the money that they’ve got going up to pay for drivers.”

In response to COVID-19 and ridership concerns, Concho Valley Transit decided to cut back on fares. The company has seen an increase since the complete suspension of all fares during  lockdown. 

“They were just giving free rides because the transportation was down anyway,” Hofheins said. “The other thing was that they had stimulus from the federal government coming in. You got to remember that public transportation serves the underprivileged.”

With support from the federal government, the transit district has high hopes for more improvement within the next few months.

“They seem to be going in a direction where they want to make things even better than they are, even in these times where ridership and revenue is down,” Hofheins said. “They want to keep improving and they’re making every effort to do that every single day.”

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