Producers Livestock Auction Report for Wednesday, February 26th


Jody Frey with Producer Livestock Auction Company has the latest local, regional, and national agricultural and livestock news, including Tuesday’s selling trends and top representative sales.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020 San Angelo-Producers Livestock Auction sold 3826 head of sheep and goats. Wooled feeder lambs 5 to 15 higher. Slaughter hair lambs sold 10 to 15 higher. Slaughter ewes sold firm. Kid goats sold 10 to 15 higher. Slaughter nannies 1.10 to 1.74 mostly 1.40 to 1.60, Mature billies 1.50 to 1.82

Wooled Feeder lambs: 2.00 to 2.46

Slaughter Lambs: light weight 2.25 to 2.70 heavies 1.60 to 2.48

Slaughter ewes: fleshy 90 to 1.30 thin ewes 70 to 1.10

Kid goats: 2.40-3.68 mostly 2.90 to 3.30

Top Representative Sales:

Clay Atkins, Christoval, 19 wooled lambs, 57, 2.42

Clay Atkins, Christoval, 10 wooled lambs, 70, 2.36

Kraig Chandler, San Angelo, 17 wooled lambs, 52, 2.44

Nancy Haechten, Rowena, 23 wooled lambs, 84, 2.46

Ben Scott, Coleman, 28 hair lambs, 52, 2.70

Allen Turner, Voss, 21 hair lambs, 55, 2.60

Jerry Hopper, Slaton, 17 hair lambs, 54, 2.68

Tad Emeret, Robert Lee, 12 hair lambs, 51, 2.62

Erwin Wilde, San Angelo, 11 hair lambs, 76, 2.46

Jake Harms, Seminole, 11 hair lambs, 71, 2.46

Halfmann Farms, San Angelo, 26 hair lambs, 51, 2.63

Manuel Mendoza, Plains, 21 hair lambs, 63, 2.56

Robert Mittel, Sonora, 20 hair lambs, 78, 2.46

Lipan Springs Rch, san Angelo, 16 hair lambs, 77, 2.45

Ross Whitten, Eldorado, 60 hair lambs, 64, 2.43

Shanna Bynum, Sterling City, 14 kid goats, 37, 3.36

Doug Fuchs, Ballinger, 20 kid goats, 46, 3.36

Clay Atkins, Christoval, 7 kid goats, 48, 3.54

Kevin Stanford, Eldorado, 32 kid goat, 32, 3.68

John Davis, Georgetown, 22 kid goats, 55, 3.12

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