Producers Livestock Auction Report for Monday, January 6th


Benny Cox with Producers Livestock Auction Company has the latest local, regional, and national news on cattle, sheep, and goat sales and trends.

Two weeks ago we sold 6745 Wooled feeder lambs 10 to 20 higherall going to the Ethnic market. Slaughter lambs 10 to 20 higher. Slaughter ewes sold 10 to 15 higher. Kid goats sold firm to 10 higher. Slaughter nannies sold 1.00 to 1.84 mostly 1.40 to 1.60. Slaughter Billies 1.50 to 2.14 Wooled feeder lambs: 1.76 to 2.49 Slaughter lambs: light weights 2.20 to 2.76 Heavy weights 1.50 to 2.36

Slaughter ewes fleshy .90 to 1.20 thinner ewes .70 to .95 Kid goats: 2.10 to 3.38 mostly 2.60to 2.90

The National slaughter Cattle review reported fat cattle 2 to 4 higher topping out at 125 two weeks ago 119 was tops.

Special Calf Sale Thursday January 16

Special Cow Sale Thursday February 13

Special Sheep & Goat Replacement Sale Saturday March 21, 2020

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