Producers Livestock Auction Report for Friday, January 17th


Benny Cox with Producers Livestock Auction Company has the latest on local, regional, and national agriculture and livestock news, including how many head of cattle sold and top representative sales on Thursday, January 16th.

San Angelo-Producers Livestock Auction sold 1852 head of cattle.

Top Representative Sale:

T R Hinds, Del Rio, 4 steers, 290, 202.00

T R Hinds, Del Rio, 8 heifers, 367, 165.00

Dolan Rch, Mertzon, 3 steers, 400, 183.00

Jim Chapman, Talpa, 4 steers, 404, 182.00

Jim Chapman, Talpa, 4 heifers, 393, 164.00

Bryan Gray, Kermit, 6 steers, 379, 184.00

Bryan Gray, Kermit, 4 heifers, 414, 158.00

Soto Inc, Ozona, 5 heifers, 423, 162.00

Dobie Cattle Co, Monahans, 5 steers, 384, 186.00

Michelle Rushing, Mertzon, 3 heifers, 387, 164.00

King Bros, Winters, 4 steers, 424, 178.00

King Bros, Winters, 7 heifers, 473, 147.00

J L Davis, San Angelo, 5 heifers, 462, 152.00

Edwin Tickle, Eden, 4 steers, 525, 163.00

Edwin Tickle, Eden, 3 heifers, 532, 143.00

Stapper Rch, San Angelo, 4 steers, 580, 154.00

Stapper Rch, San Angelo, 10 heifers, 629, 126.00

Tim Millican, Robert Lee, 5 heifers, 641, 127.00

Doyle Dickson, Miles, 6 steers, 812, 124.00

3 R Rch, Paint Rock, 7 steers, 796, 127.00

Probst Farms, Brady, 3 cows, 1517, 58.50

Pfluger Rch, San Angelo, 2 cows, 1390, 58.00

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