Producers Livestock Auction Report for Friday, December 20th


Benny Cox with Producers Livestock Auction Company has the latest representative sales from Producers’ last sale of 2019.

Producers Livestock Auction

Thursday December 19, 2019

San Angelo-Producers Livestock Auction sold 1039 head of cattle.

Top Representative Sale:

Ruby Reddell, Voca, 1 steer, 325, 170.00

David Wilson, Mertzon, 3 steers, 443, 165.00

Lisa Brown, Menard, 2 steers, 328, 168.00

Lee Evans, Lowake, 3 steers, 348, 167.00

Lee Evans, Lowake, 4 steers, 493, 160.00

Blake Box, Robert Lee, 2 heifers, 373, 160.00

Trico Rch, Sterling City, 18 heifers, 378, 140.00

Trico Rch, Sterling City, 13 heifers, 444, 139.00

Bob Wilkinson, Menard, 5 steers, 466, 157.00

Bob Wilkinson, Menard, 5 heifers, 552, 122.00

Eric Gully, Paint Rock, 7 steers, 572, 148.00

Four B Rch, San Angelo, 4 steers, 416, 156.00

Wallace Rch, Sonora, 10 steers, 663, 140.00

Wallace Rch, Sonora, 10 steers, 593, 143.50

Larry Lacy, Dripping Springs, 3 steers, 640, 142.00

Tony Allen, Ozona, 2 steers, 658, 136.00

Byron Bauerlein, Ballinger, 6 heifers, 468, 135.00

Arledge Rch, Robert Lee, 2 heifers, 475, 133.00

Halfmann & Collins,Miles, 4 heifers, 539, 127.00

Ron Sims, Bronte, 4 heifers, 601, 122.00

Cargile Rch, San Angelo, 2 cows, 1010, 53.00

Helmers Rch, Sanderson, 2 cows, 1528, 54.00

The first sale of 2020 will be on Tuesday, January 7th and the Producer Livestock Auction Report will return on Monday, January 6th, after their Christmas holiday break.

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