Prepping for the First Day of School


Teachers across the Concho Valley are getting ready for the new school year. Cornerstone Christian School is set for their first day of school Wednesday morning.

“I’m absolutely ready to go,” says Amber Vega, a K3 Teacher.

The lesson plans have been prepared. The bulletin boards are decorated. Teachers at Cornerstone Christian School have been working since last Wednesday to get everything ready.

Grady Roe is a secondary math teacher. This will be his 46th year teaching.

Roe recalls one year, not knowing what his school schedule was on the first day.

“I didn’t know what I was going to teach. I knew the subjects but I didn’t know the order and so we had to wait til the books came in. When the student came in carrying an Algebra 1 book, apparently that’s what I was going to teach that period,” says Grady Roe, a Secondary Math Teacher. 

But he wont let that happen again.

“Now tomorrow, I know exactly what I’m going to teach,” says Roe.

He and others teachers say they still get nervous.

“You should always be nervous when you walk into a classroom. If you’re not, you’re just not geared up for it,” says Roe.

“Yes I’m nervous. Because just every first day is going to be a little anxious and happy all just kind of mixed emotions going in at one time,” says Vega.

Amber Vega is a preschool teacher. She says on the first day of school, she reads the kids the same book.

“Read them this book called Jitters. You know, to let them know that we make a special juice so that it helps get rid of their Jitters,” says Vega.

Once classroom doors open, Vega says the best thing for preschool parents. is to drop off kids quickly and not prolong the goodbye.

“Everything is going to go good. I know a lot of times the parents themselves kind of get ‘well it’s the first time going to school’ but believe them we are going to just love on them.” says Vega.

Roe says once school starts, parents need to stay in contact. 

“Check on your students. Find out what they’re doing in class. Find out how they’re doing. Check with the teacher,” says Roe.


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