SAN ANGELO, Texas — The race to prepare for this week’s winter weather is on. With temperatures expected to reach into the teens and windchill expected near the negatives; Concho Valley residents are in hibernation mode.

After seeing over 210 hose bib covers sold in his store in 45 minutes, owner of All-Tex Irrigation and Supply Jeff Perrine says, “Right now it’s a hot commodity the faucet covers are flying off the shelves it’s fairly odd that people are trying to prepare with faucet covers heat lamps, and insulation pipe wrap stuff to protect those pipes.”

Keeping the power on and the interior of the home up is key to staying warm. Some residents though are looking for any place to hunker down this week.

Director of Neighborhood and Family Services Bob Salas says his department along with the city has been able to open a warming station for those in need. “If it gets to a point where there’s a need and it’s arctic cold if you will, or there’s a freeze warning. We consider opening up shelters or at least warming stations. And that’s what we did this time,” Salas said.

As we go about our week, if you must be outside, be sure to bundle up as 40-45% of body heat is lost in the head and neck regions of the body.