Austin (NEXSTAR) — A new poll of Democrats in Texas found solid support for a ban on fracking. The poll from Nexstar Media and Emerson College Polling found 45% of Democrats willing to support a fracking ban, with 33% opposed. The remaining 22% of respondents said they were unsure.

Fracking is a term to describe hydraulic fracturing, which is a method of oil and natural gas extraction commonly used in Texas. Calls to ban the practice have come from environmental groups, and some Democrats running for office have supported the idea.

“We’ve been looking at Bernie Sanders in particular talk about this issue of fracking,” said Spencer Kimball, an Assistant Professor at Emerson College who helped carry out this poll.  In late January, Senator Sanders filed a bill to ban fracking.

It’s a big issue in Texas, where tens of thousands of people have jobs tied to the state’s oil and gas industry. Still, the idea polls well with many Democrats.

“That’s what we’d expect to see amongst Democratic primary voters, particularly as a Democratic issue on the environment and on energy,” Kimball said. “So not really out of line, but maybe a little bit higher than what some would have expected out of Texas.”