MCLENNAN CO., Texas (FOX 44) — With the midterms now wrapped up, local republicans are focusing their efforts on inflation and the border while democrats are concerned about the future of reproductive health.

“We’re just as please as anybody else,” Dr. Brad Holland said, the Chair for the McLennan County Republican Party. “Texas that was red going into this, and got redder, more red last night.”

“So we’re disappointed,” Mark Hayes, the Chair for the McLennan County Democratic Party, said. “But the issues remain and our beliefs remain.”

A sentiment felt by each side of the aisle in Texas as the state comes out of this year’s midterms with a republican majority.

Governor Greg Abbott held onto his position Tuesday night, even though many democrats were confident challenger Beto O’Rourke would take on this new term.

Now they’re concerned about the state power grid and the future of reproductive rights.

“So we certainly hope that those that were elected will reconsider that that extreme abortion ban and at least put in some of the logical exceptions that almost everybody agrees on,” Hays said. “Our fear is that they will look at this victory that they won last night and decide they don’t need to do anything.”

Republicans are looking forward to leaders continuing to work on the border crisis and fighting inflation.

“We want to see an America where people have a strong work ethic, that they don’t rely on government handouts and we quit this government spending that is fueling this inflation nightmare,” Holland said. “And we want to see a safe country where we have a secure border.”

“We’re not allowing human trafficking in drugs and terrorists across the border. We’re allowed to defend ourselves with the second amendment. And we have security in our homes and security in our schools.”

When asked if there could ever be a time where the parties combine their efforts on the issues, this is what they had to say:

“Maybe the future needs to be in looking at the people’s problems and trying to come up with solutions,” Hays said. “And to do that, you have to work across the aisle with the democrat house and anybody else who wants to solve those problems with you.”

“For those that have just won. The goal is to lead everyone, and I think that needs to be the goal,” Holland finished. “Try and find unity here in America. We need to hold our country together. And ultimately everything we do is to protect the country we think is so great.”