Planet Fitness on Knickerbocker closed due to power outage

Planet Fitness on Knickerbocker

One of the highest trafficked gyms in San Angelo is closed today. It is unclear how long they will remain out of operation. Signs posted on the darkened doors state that the fitness center is closed due to an ongoing power outage. The company website also lists the location as closed.

According to AEP Texas Distribution Systems Manager Fred Hernandez, the power outage was caused by faulty wiring inside the Planet Fitness location. The short inside the building was severe enough to cause power loss to the building, but not enough to blow the fuse. As a result of the unblown fuse continuing to allow power to flow, an AEP transformer on the pole behind the building was damaged.

The damaged transformer has been replaced, but the damage did spark a minor grass fire, prompting an investigation from the local Fire Marshal. His investigation concluded that minor scorching occured inside the Planet Fitness, but the only fire was the minor grass fire.

At this time no information has been released on when Planet Fitness on Knickerbocker will reopen.

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