Pfluger & House Republicans introduce resolution to nullify Biden’s ‘tyrannical mandate’

US Representative August Pfluger speaks into a microphone at the US House of Representatives

WASHINGTON — US Representative August Pfluger (R-TX) and congressional Republicans introduced a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to nullify the Biden Administration’s mandate rule that requires private businesses with 100 employees or more to enforce mandatory employee vaccinations against COVID-19.

“President Biden’s vaccine mandate is clearly unconstitutional,” said Pfluger. “Forcing hard-working Texans to choose between their jobs and a personal medical decision will not be tolerated. Congress has the ability to nullify this tyrannical mandate, and we should.”

Resolutions passed under the CRA allow both houses of Congress to review any federal regulations issued by government agencies and to overrule those regulations by passing a joint resolution. If a rule is repealed under the CRA, the agency is prohibited from reintroducing the same rule again.

“Our country faces serious problems with skyrocketing inflation, supply chain backlogs, and a shortage of workers,” said Pfluger. “This mandate will only exacerbate these crises further.”

Joint resolutions passed under the CRA were used multiple times during the 115th Congress, which was in session during the Trump administration, to roll back fourteen rules that had been introduced by the Obama administration.;

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