Petition to Allow Businesses to Serve Alcohol/Mixed Drinks Verified by Ballinger City Secretary.


A petition circulating the city of Ballinger allowing business owners to serve alcohol or mixed drinks at their establishments has been verified by Ballinger’s city secretary.

As a result, a local option election will be called by city council members at a meeting on August 21st.

Tyler smith says, as of now, the only outlet allowed to serve alcohol or mixed drinks is the Ballinger Country Club, which requires a membership.

Close to 3,000 people are registered to vote in Ballinger–the petition process only requires about 200 voters to sign.

Shops and restaurants in town allowed Smith and others to leave their petition for residents to sign.

Speaking with community members drew mixed answers with some residents saying they were skeptical about how big of a financial boost alcohol sales will give the city.

One resident said they were entirely against the proposed measure, citing their religious affiliation.

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