SAN ANGELO, Texas — Today and tomorrow at Tractor Supply off Southwest Blvd., City of San Angelo Animal Services will be having a microchip clinic.

Micro-chipping is required by city ordinance and can help relocate your pet if they ever go missing.

“If your dog gets out and we pick it up, a rescue picks it up, or anybody, a vet’s office can scan that microchip and get a hold of you. That’s how we register pets in San Angelo and we just want folks to have this opportunity,” said Morgan Chegwidden, Assistant Director for Neighborhood and Family Services.

The cost for a microchip is $13. The clinic will also offer $5 personalized ID tags and concessions by donations. Proceeds will go to the city’s “Pets Alive” program.

You can get your pet micro-chipped during the clinic from 10:00AM to 4:00PM on Saturday.