Paint Rock ISD announces another case of COVID-19


PAINT ROCK, Texas – Ron Cline, Superintendent of Paint Rock ISD, announced another confirmed case of COVID-19 on the Paint Rock ISD Facebook page on September 9, 2020.

His letter to the citizens is below.

Parents & PRISD Teachers/Staff:

I need to report to you that we have received an additional confirmed case of the Corona-19 virus among our faculty and staff. These means that a total of 4 faculty/staff have tested positive. All four of these individuals are currently in quarantine. Cases #1 and #2 since Wednesday evening, September 2nd and Case #3 and #4 since Thursday, September 3rd. We also have a few students that have either tested “positive”, or their parents have reported to us that they may be “positive”, or there is COVID-19 in their homes.

Those individuals are also under quarantine and need to remain under quarantine. Case #3’s contact was limited to the other teachers/staff and her class of students. The parents of these students have been contacted directly to quarantine and monitor their children. The adults that make up Case #1, Case #2, and now Case #4 literally have contact with every student on this campus, as well as a large share of the adults on campus. All three have closer contact with students and teachers at the secondary level than the elementary level, but there is enough concern for us to ask that you quarantine your children and monitor them for signs of the virus.

If these individuals only had contact with one or just a few groups of students, we would not have shut down the entire campus, but that was not the case here. We are still hearing from individuals that have been tested informing us of their results. We are also very aware that the “quick test” has a 20% “false negative” rate, which sometimes results in someone being told that the test is negative, when in fact they are actually “positive” and continue to get worse and be infectious to others. We will continue to keep you informed and we’d appreciate it if you would keep us informed as well.

Most of our teachers are working virtually from home. Most of our staff is still at work (except those in quarantine). Our cafeteria staff and others are also delivering meals to students in accordance with federal school lunch guidelines.We are aware that virtual instruction is not as effective as in-person instruction and we are looking forward to having the students back on campus in-person beginning on Thursday, September 17.

A few individual students and teachers/staff may have to stay in quarantine a few days beyond that. We will be in contact with those individuals between now and then. But we anticipate having most everyone back on the 17th.We have learned a number of valuable lessons during this past week. The greatest lessons that we have learned is about the level of pride, commitment, empathy, strength and character to our Paint Rock Family has…. Our kids especially. Thanks to all of you for everything that you do and all of prayers for our students, school, teachers, staff and parents.

Ron Cline, Superintendent

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