Our Water: water main repair contract approved


SAN ANGELO, Texas — Beginning roughly February 7, 2019, a leak of approximately 5 gallons-per-minute started in the area between Byrant and Chadbourne near Palmer Feed. At the city council meeting this week, council members approved moving forward on a contract to repair the leak.

“City council awarded a contract to Darnell construction for the repair and replacement of an 18 inch water main,” said Allsion Strube, Water Utility Director for San Angelo. “This will occur at MLK Jr and 3rd St. Currently the area is coned off because of the leak.”

The 5 gallons-per-minute that the leak is letting escape adds up to approximately 7,200 gallons per day. According to the city, the loss through that leak in perspective is a mere 0.07% of the daily amount produced.

With the city facing many needed and upcoming infrastructure projects, this one is a priority because a number of residential and commercial customers depend on this part of the system. San Angelo Water Utility Director Allison Strube said they will do their best to avoid service disruptions.

“With the current leak that’s going on obviously this project is of great importance,” said Strube. “And so we want to minimize that as much as possible. So we’ll be getting the repair done in this section first before we’re extending up and down the rest of this water main. But getting 18 inch cast iron mains out of the system is always a bonus because it is an older system, and we’ll be replacing it with new PVC lines.”

That upgrade, may help reduce the occurrences of water main leaks and service disruptions.

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