SAN ANGELO — The Lake Nasworthy Area Sewer Project spans 9.5 miles and is hoping to see construction start early next summer.

Assistant Director of Water Utilities Andy Vecellio says they are predicting “expansion of the airport, as well as, you have potential residential or commercial development around the lake is certainly an area that we’re anticipating growth. And right now, the sewer system just can’t handle additional flows.”

Vecellio says this project is high on the city’s priority list and is budgeted to cost 35 million dollars. The pipes currently see around 100,000 gallons flow through them each day but will soon be able to hold more than a million with the opportunity for more expansion.

“It’ll take care of some existing areas that are problematic but also allow for future development,” said Vecellio

The city is looking to start construction early next summer in assures lake enthusiasts, their activities will not be affected.