SAN ANGELO, Texas — Mertzon, Texas is seeing a growing population which is causing old infrastructure to need repairs. Their Waste Water Treatment facility is getting repairs and rebuilds after receiving funding from the Texas Water Development Board.

“Five years ago is initially when they started looking at starting this project to do the repairs and add on to our sewer plant mainly because of its age,” said Mertzon City Administrator Michele Wardlaw “The population growing puts more strain on the sewer system.”

The treatment plant, built in 1975, has been deteriorating and the City of Mertzon has now been given funds to assist in updating its infrastructure.

Some of the construction that will be done includes a clarifier being refurbished aerators fixed and replaced in a bar screen system being put in front of the grind pump.

“Putting in those bar screens in front of the grinding pump is going to make our treatment plant probably about 90% more efficient than it is right now,” said Wardlaw.

With this new money, Wardlaw says they will reevaluate the design to plan for future population expansion.