Our Water: Impending loss of regulation and licensing for plumbing industry


SAN ANGELO, TX – Following a case of legislative oversight the health, safety and water of the Concho Valley could soon be at risk. The Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners, a regulatory body the has licensed and regulated the plumbing industry since 1947 will cease to issue or renew plumbing licenses after September 1.

Everything from gas lines to sewage systems, commercial and residential water, will all be open to anyone who wants to call themselves a plumber. Meetings are yet to be had to see if local government can step in to regulate the industry. According to the Better Business Bureau, things could get dicey.
“There’s no way they’re going to have the staff to do the testing, the screening, and […] the licensing,” said Glenna Friedrich, President and CEO for the San Angelo Better Business Bureau. “Then there’s continuing education that they’ve got to follow and log.”

For consumers to protect themselves, Friedrich says residents’ best defense may be the BBB. “Contact us, we have a list of plumbers that we know are licensed, or were licensed before this expired,” she said. Plumbers who begin after the regulations cease could very likely have no formal training or be using out of date procedures and equipment.

To minimize health risks and property damage, your voice needs to be heard. “If this is something that you would like to see covered because you want to have the protection of that licensing law then for heavens sakes call the people that didn’t follow through and didn’t take care of this when they should have,” said Friedrich. “That’s the state legislature, call your state representative, call the governor’s office.”

To find your representative, click here. For the office of the governor, click here. For the Better Business Bureau, click here.

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