SAN ANGELO, Texas — The population of Crappie fish in Lake Nasworthy has been slow growing, says Texas Parks and Wildlife District Fisheries Biologist Lynn Wright.

Wright says, “Historically, it takes Crappie in Nasworthy about three and a half years to get to 10 inches, which is fairly slow growth for Crappie in Texas.”

The population of crappies in Lake Nasworthy is high but with there being so many fish, there wasn’t enough food source to allow them to grow to their full 10-inch length in a normal amount of time.

Wright told us that a couple of years ago, they changed the regulations on how many crappie anglers can take home, to as many as they wanted. This lowers the population, allowing the remaining fish to have enough resources to grow to full length, quicker.

Wright says, “What we’ve historically had at Nasworthy was an overcrowded, slow-growing crappie population. Since we’ve changed the regulation for anglers can keep any size, our harvest has gone up. And we’re really hoping that’s kind of thinned the Crappie out, so to speak, and that their growth may improve and there are more food and space resources for the remaining crappie.”

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