Inside a little church in southeast Texas, the pastor who preaches from this pulpit stands ready to deliver a sermon from Smith and Wesson.

“And if somebody tries to attack one of my sheep, the shepherd of the house will stop that.”

Around southeast Texa they call him the pistol packing preacher, a gun dealer who used to teach classes for concealed handgun licenses.

What he saw this week taught him a lesson.

As Americans try to make sense of the senseless slaughter in South Carolina, what happened here has reaffirmed one pastor’s faith in the protective power of firearms.

“If someone come and tried to do that here, I won’t be big and bad and say they won’t get one, but I bet you they won’t get two. So it’s very important that every church, pastor and all, have a gun.”

He points to passages in the Bible preaching the importance of self-defense.

The pistol at the pulpit isn’t the only gun in this house of God. The pastor says many of his parishioners come to church carrying concealed weapons.

And then, on a seat behind the podium, there’s the .22 sometimes hidden beneath a Bible.

“If somebody was ever to come through any of these doors, you know, I’m able to just reach right here, you know, and take care of that problem.”

And if there’s ever a problem back in his office, right next to his license to preach, he keeps an assault rifle and a target that troublemakers could take as a warning.

“I really do believe it could happen here. It could happen anywhere.”

If it happens here, the pastor has faith God and guns will protect his little church in southeast Texas.