On the Right Track?


San Angelo, TX – Rangers at the San Angelo State Park guided visitors on a special program designed to educate them about the dangers that could be present in the outdoors and the various tracks people can stumble on, especially in the park itself.

Operation Ranger, Bonnie Wallace, said the purpose of the program was ” … to gain knowledge of the animals, and other appreciation about them. It’s also fun, this is really, you know … even some experts can sometimes have a hard time on the trail. So if they were able to see one and know right away, that’s just an accomplishment for them to know and for them to spread it to their family members that weren’t here or even to take out a friend.”

“Also if they see one on the trail they might know ‘Hey there’s a bobcat out here, let’s keep an eye out and maybe we can see it.’ So, it gets them more interactive with the outdoors and that’s what we’re all about here, is getting kids outside.”

Rangers at San Angelo State Park emphasized the need for visitors to stay educated on their surroundings and for having a working knowledge of different animal tracks to understand what dangers may be present in the outdoors.

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